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The Medicine People Conference

Not so long ago, I found myself engulfed by the pages of a magnificent book written by Malidoma Somé from the Dagara culture of West Africa. The book is titled, Of Water and Spirit. It was a soul shifting experience. It gave me the comfort, confirmation and power to boldly persist in reclaiming my African spiritual ancestry in a world that typically looks down on Africa and its ancient teachings.

I believe that this book was a part of my journey which for the most part has been to walk alone. Walking alone has its challenges but it’s been paramount in helping me rediscover my true identity, who I am and what I have been called to do. So can you imagine my deep gratitude when the book led me to a community of young medicine people, who have been mentored and ushered into their true purposeful lives here on earth by Malidoma.

The ancestors have heard our cry.

Upon stumbling on my tweet about Malidoma, Shydeia, the incredible founder Black Girl Magik and Sanctuary School, extended an invite to attend the first Medicine People Conference held in legacy of the teachings and works of the great African healer, Malidoma Somé.

The virtual conference commenced on the 28th of January. I had to take a moment and breathe, “How did I get here?” I asked myself. A place where there are so many others like me, who have walked this path and through their journey are extending light and love onto others?

Seun Mendes, a water diviner and writer, opened the event with a compelling divination, leading us into the unique gathering. It was a surreal encounter, and compelled me to express deep gratitude for being a part of the great awakening happening on a global scale.

“My purpose is to clear the shadow of history that has blurred the relationship to ancestral connection and ancestral healing,” says Shydeia, who’s words deeply resonated with me. I believe that through her work as founder of a wellness company that brings holistic healing and in the creation of this phenomenal conference, she is well on her way to fulfilling that purpose.

Shydeia Caldwell, Founder of Black Girl Magik

Here are a few lessons from the 2022 Medicine People conference.


The event commenced with a retelling of one of the greatest lessons of Malidoma’s legacy; to teach us to break free from what is called the Dumpla condition. Which is the Dagara term given to a ‘person living a life that is not theirs.’ It is believed, in Dagara Tradition, that we all have a calling and a purpose to fulfill on earth and if we fail to find this purpose, as many of us do in the modern world, we then live lives that do not belong to us. We find ourselves simply living to survive or to actualise the dreams of others.

We break free of the Dumpla condition when we can remember and put into action into our true destiny. We can access this memory through different ways such as reflecting on our childhood dreams because as children we are closer to the spiritual realm and can remember our purpose through our natural passions and talents.

We can also return to our divine script of life when we remember that, “We are the elements, we are nature,” says Evan McGowan, a licensed therapist and musician. He reiterates, through his speech, that spending time reflecting in nature through prayer, ukuphahla and meditation can trigger the memory that is stored deep within our bones. We are reminded that it is equally important to surround ourselves with a community of people who will remind you of your journey and purpose in seasons of self doubt.


We also delved into the importance of unity and connection to the divine through good spiritual regime practices such as breath-work, meditation, altar divinations and ritual. It’s important to constantly tend to your garden in order for it to grow. The deep quiet is where we find revelation, healing and instruction. Anabel, a holistic healthcare practitioner, highlighted the importance of, “sitting long enough to hear the messages in the silence.”

These words echo a profound truth because it is through finding comfort in the silence that we can truly connect with God and our spirit guides. When our lives are shrouded with noise, it is easy to be swallowed by the things that do not belong to us.

We Are One

It was pleasant to see that the event had a diverse group of people each hailing from different parts of the world. It’s an indication of the power of one, and how we can come together and share the wisdom of our various cultures. Diversity is not our weakness, it is our strength. We all have a deep connection to Mother Earth, and when we honor her and experience her splendor we elevate our existence.

The primary messages:

  • We are being asked to recommit ourselves to ritual.

  • We are the voices of our ancestors.

  • We must engage the spirit family in order for them to engage with us.

  • As light workers all the work we do (including your spiritual regime) is not only for ourselves but the people around us.

  • We have been given permission to be ourselves.

  • In the Dagara tradition, this is the year of the ancestors.

To learn more about The Medicine People Conference and Black Girl Magik please check out the following social media pages:

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