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Spiritual Hair

Along the path of my very difficult spiritual awakening journey I felt a deep urge to question the reasons behind choosing to wear wigs and weaves. I could not find an honest reason behind hiding my true God given hair in all its kinks and coils, and opting to walk around in straight hair that bares no resemblance to my heritage, lineage and bloodline. I felt like I was denying my own existence and that of my ancestors who walked before me and upon this realisation I felt so ashamed.

I became aware that I had allowed my mind to be co-opted by the media, and particularly social media, into believing that in order to be desirable I must ascribe to European standards of beauty that we (as Africans) still disgracefully uphold in order to fit in. I sat and observed that all women of various cultures and ethnicities wake up each morning and boldly wear their own hair. ALL of them.

My mind thought back to my days in high school where I went to a predominantly white school and I remember my white classmates wore their hair whether it was thick, thin, long or short. However, African women, much like how I used to be, wake up each day and put on a wig that doesn’t represent them. Is it a representation of something we are trying to run away from? What is it about our natural hair that must be hidden? What is it about it that makes us feel so vulnerable? Why are we taught without question to put on weaves and that wearing your natural hair is somewhat of a political statement?

If all melanated women from across the world decided to stop weave wearing and embraced their own hair what would that mean? Of course it won’t mean that we have our land back but for starters, it would be the end of the multi-billion dollar hair industry that thrives off and exploits our insecurities but more than that it would mean that we have stopped running, that we are willing to stand and face the truth, that we are no longer willing to spend copious amounts of money and time on frivolous things of the material world but we are bold enough to wear our uniquely beautiful CROWN and for the first time remember what else we lost.

Ether In 9 E.T.H.E.R Re-engineering (by African Creation Energy) it is written in Greek Mythology that melanated beings of African descent where considered ‘Ether beings.’ Ether is the fifth and final element after Earth, Air, Fire and Water, that makes up the earth and the universe. It has 9 attributes which is how it has come to be known as “9 ether” and can be referred to as a substance that makes up the ‘cosmos’ the ‘sky’ and ‘space.’ It can be considered to be an element the fills the vast void & nothingness of earth and space.

“Ether was personified as a Primordial Elemental god representing “Light” and the upper air & atmosphere above the terrestrial sphere where the gods lived & breathed.” - African Creation Energy

In Ancient African teachings, Ether is further defined as:

"9 ether is the highest of all spiritual powers activated through the melanin in nature & the phenomena of God, unseen. It is constantly manifesting nine to the power of nine, pure blackness, which is the highest of all supreme mathematics as seen in African hair texture."- 9 Ether Beings

While there is little recorded empirical data to support that African hair is ‘9 Ether Hair’ it aligns with the spiritual beliefs in Nguni cultures (and many more across Africa) that our hair is an important tool and antenna that is used to connect us to the spiritual realm. Our ancestors known as Amathongo, our guardians known as AmaDlozi, and our creator know as uMdali connect with us through the ether and our hair is the antenna. Ether, then, can be considered to be the 5th element that binds the natural world to the spiritual and thus, growing our hair strengthens our the access the spiritual realm.

Gravity Africans are the only group of people that have the unique hair type that defies gravity. Our hair grows toward the sun, much like everything in nature, and it mimics the shape of completion, the circle or the zero due to it’s helix or ziggly formation.

In an alternate universe, others imitate our hair & hairstyles because the power and beauty of African hair, is revered.

The very things we are taught to hide are the very things that make us who we are.

It should be common practice to allow our hair to grow, to breathe and to absorb the sun’s energy because as melanated beings we are the children of the sun and the soil. We are descended from the Earth’s most ancient beings and we do not need to copy anyone, in fact it is shame onto our rich heritage to do such. When we hide our hair and imitate what is outside ourselves, we agree with the plans of the enemy to keep us from our true and enlightened state. When we make a habit of defying these plans, we live in the true image that God created us to be and who knows how powerful we might become.

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