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Afrika, A Conquered Nation

The edifice of the modern world is nothing more than an elaborate illusion. The components of this false reality confine us to a mandatory system of survival which consists of government approved education followed by a job to which you must work until you die. The edifice is so powerful that many are unable to see beyond the lie and would live to defend it. We dedicate and structure our entire lives to acquire meaningless “wealth” created by the architects of this system while the tangible wealth of resources, assets and land belong to a small yet powerful minority.

The Black nation or ‘The Burnt-faced people’ as the ancient Greeks used to write in affirmation of their once great educators is today a fallen and conquered nation. A vast majority work fruitlessly in the land of their birthright yet boast of a rich and glorious history prior to colonization. However, to truthfully take pride in such seemingly mythological history is futile if we are unable to resurrect our present. Throughout history there are written records of powerful dynasties who have had to kneel at the foot of defeat in the presence of war and what we can learn from them is that all empires rise and fall. The answer is not to bask in the defeat; for conquered nations must rebuild.

The greatest lie ever told to Black people is that ancient Africa was a harmonious utopia where they were all Kings and Queens. Prominent civilizations of Northern Africa such as the Kush of Nubia where empires with distinct social and economic hierarchies such as: the Pharaohs or Chiefs, the Royal family, the Nobility, the Middle/Working class and Farmers, and Servants. Great African monuments such as the pyramids of South Sudan and the stone Castles of Ethiopia where built by Black servants owned by their wealthy Black masters.

The notions of slavery and colonization are not new to the African historical landscape, they were merely perfected by European and Arabic countries. Which is why the ‘Black empowerment’ idea predicated on the unification of all Black people is an unrealistic and idealistic manifestation of misinformation designed to keep Black people in a cognitively dissonant state. This false idea implies that a person born of African descent, living in Africa can never be mentally and economically emancipated until the people unite thus, ultimately they will never be emancipated.

The truth is once conquered the competitive members of that nation must once again silently rebuild through organized networks through rejecting total assimilation; followed by the re-developing and practicing of their own culture, education and economic expansion. Not all Black people in the historical records written before European and Arabic colonisation where great, Godly, Kings or Queens some were average, and never lived up to their potential. It is up to you as to whom you decide to be, not just for yourself but for your children’s children.

Fun Fact:Pharaoh means ‘Great House’ and is the name used to describe the King or ruler in isiZulu the term ‘uNdlunkulu’ meaning ‘Great House’ is a the same word to describe the King or ruler.

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